110gsm 1/4'' mesh hole of construction debris netting

HRS Construction Debris Netting will well offer safety for your construction Jobsite. it will that is lightweight and easy to install, it will have good protection from tight-knit net debris, so it will normally use for perfect scaffolding, building, and Jobsite debris protection.

  • Item no.:

    constrcuion Safety D
  • Payment:

    30% Deposit 70% againest for the copy of B/
  • Product origin:

    HeFei Cith AnHui Province
  • Color:

    Black,Green , Beige, Dark Green Red and sand
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HRS construction debris netting also called Heavy Duty safety Debris Netting, is made of Knitted High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material with UV protection .it will be lightweight and easy to install for your construction job site. it will not mold or mildew .it will all the season for your choice for any climate, it is very strong for you use all our products will warranty is about 5years . .we also have different kinds of weight (such as 80gsm,90gsm,100gsm 110gsm,150gsm 180gsm and so on.
The normal size for USA Market is :4ft*150ft. 5'8''*150'.8'6''*150'. 10'*150' .or we also can do it as you demand .
the normal weight for USA Market is :80gsm,90gsm,95gsm,100gsm,110gsm,115gsm 120gsm,125gsm,and 155gsm,180gsm .
The product also has FR Or NFR. It Will demand your choice .and all the debris netting will be with UV protection.
The products will have a strong edge for you to fix it 

Name  Construcion Safety Debris Netting
Material  HDPE With UV protection 
Weight  80gsm,100gsm 120gsm,150gsm, 180gsm 
Color  Orange, Blue, Green ,Black and So on 
Mesh Hole  1/4'' or 1/16'' 

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