185gsm shade rating 80% Balcony net

Balcony Net is made of HDPE 185G, it can Protect sun rays from 90% .it will useful for you healthy
Sun Shade Rating is 90%, As the normal color is white and yellow, white and blue, white and red, we also can do it as you demand

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    Balcony Net
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    30% Deposit 70% againest for the copy of B/
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    4 - 7/$1000
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    HeFei Cith AnHui Province
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    Black,Green , Beige, Dark Green and so on
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The Balcony Net is made of the HDPE 185G Fabric with UV protection and as the sun shade rating is 85% to 90%

1:Material: HDPE (185GSM)With UV Protection 
2:Name: Balcony Net/Balcony Protective net/ Balcony safety net /Privacy screen net 
3:Size: 0.9M*5M.0.5M*9M,0.75M*6M,  0.9M*6M , 0.9M *4.5M ,1M*5M...
4: Color: white and yellow, white and blue, white and red, brown, and grey and black, and son on 
5:Weight:185gsm,165gsm 220gsm, and so on 
6:Shade Rating :80%, 85%, 90%, 95%.

The below pictures show the details of the balcony net 

This the below the pictures is show the machine of the balcony Net 

The below the pictures is how the package and the loading pictures 

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