aluminum sun shade mesh Sep 01, 2021
Model: LFS65
Shading rate: 55% 65% 75%
Material: aluminum foil, PET film, FDY polyester yarn, etc.
Color: silver white
Width: usually 4.3M, special width can be spliced as needed
Length: cut-to-length production
Shrinkage rate: ≤1%
Function: sunshade and reflection, energy saving, light control
Features: shading and cooling, water-saving and moisturizing, anti-condensation and no dripping, small shadow when closing
Period: five years

Uses: This product is suitable for all kinds of energy-saving greenhouses. Our aluminum foil sunshade curtains are high-temperature tested, strong and long-lasting sunshade nets. The closed mouth structure can play the role of windproof, cooling and tear-proof. Even if it is cut from a certain position, the entire structure will not fall apart. It can create a better microclimate for you, and it is the choice of shade coverage for greenhouses, courtyards, greenhouses, etc.

Meantime we also can make all kinds hdpe sun shade net , sun shade mesh ,shade mesh tarps,sun shade sail,roller shade,and so on,so if you have any more question pls let me know this

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