Green sun construction safety net Nov 03
A safety net is a protective net set under or on its side during the installation of high-altitude construction equipment or art performances to prevent accidents caused by people or objects falling. The safety net is composed of a net body, side ropes, tethers and tendons. The net body is knitted by net ropes, with a rhombus or square mesh. The mesh size refers to the distance between two adjacent knots of the braid. The net ropes on the edges of the net body are called side ropes. The size of the safety net (nominal size) is determined by the size of the side rope; the rope that fixes the safety net on the support is called a tether. In addition, all ropes used to increase the strength of the safety net are collectively referred to as tendons.

        Safety net is also called construction safety net, scaffold safety net. According to the installation direction, it can be divided into a safety net and a safety net flat net. The safety net is larger than 2000 as a dense mesh safety net or called a dense mesh safety net. Safety flat nets are also commonly referred to as pocket nets, fall prevention nets, safety white nets, and horizontal safety nets.

       The flame-retardant masterbatch is added in the production process of safety nets to achieve flame-retardant effects. National standard safety nets are flame-retardant, and most safety nets used in construction sites require flame-retardant.

      The purchase of safety nets can be filtered from the following points:

       1. Selection of quality: quality is mainly determined by raw materials and the precision of production and processing;

       2. Selection of specifications: The specifications are mainly considered from the perspective of grid density, mesh weight, size, color, etc.;

       3. Choose price: prefer cheap and good quality;

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