How to choice and make the black mesh tarps Sep 16

How to make the black mesh tarps 

The black mesh tarps is normally use in everywhere, such as ,track,garden,patio,outdoor window,and so just the factory know how to make the black mesh tarps,now i will explan this products:

1:This black mesh tarps is made of HDPE Material.hdpe is also have the new material and recycle material .beacuse mesh tarps is use outdoor , so we must use the new material hdpe.

2:then we use the draw machine to make the hdpe change to wire.

3:the put the wire go though the knitted machine,and the make it to fabric 

4:when the fabric come out ,we use the heat setting machine to make the fabric more clear and clean.and also check the fabric ,if have the hole and others broker wire

5:then we cut the size for examle 8ft*10ft(2.4M*3.05M) we must cut size is 2.46m and 3.08or3.1m) 

6:sewing ,we put the pe edge on the black fabric and sewing it ,so the finished size will be 2.45M *3.07M

7:use the button machine make the brass gromment 2ft space

8:and the cut the a little long edge and fold it then put the lable and in the pe bag 

9:the package in the carton 

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