How to protect the construcion debris netting or debris netting work it ? Nov 03
By let the safety net,consctruction safety net ,construction debris nteting   manufacturer sales manager teaches us how to maintain safety net products, let's know what it will use and characteristics? The original intention of safety net products is in units and corporate construction buildings, and the main function of protecting safety is installed in the outside of the building, and the main function effect is prevented in the two floors. There is a damage to the ground personnel. There is also a function of sound insulation, because workers in the building are relatively large, by using the product to lower the noise to lower decibels. This way, it is a good thing to reduce construction noise and residents living around workers and surroundings.

Through the above described we first understand the role of this product, the benefits are much, with basic understanding. We will let the safety net manufacturer sales manager tell us how much better products are maintained after using the safety net after the site is purchased.

1. Try to prevent the mesh in a well-ventilated warehouse and the ground is smoother, can not be wet, dry, or sharp.
2, do not put other objects or iron instruments to the surface of the mesh, so as not to cause damage to the mesh.
3. Be sure to see if there is a foreign body in the mesh in the net, if there is particles or foreign objects, it must be cleaned in time.
4, if the welding iron product is performed in the storage area, it is necessary to avoid the Mars splash to the safety net because Mars may cause a burst of fire.
5. Regularly view the safety situation around the warehouse, avoid the infringement of substances such as alkali, smoke, sulfuric acid, once and the contact mesh will cause a large damage to the network body itself. For damage to the timely replacement process, avoid security hidden dangers.
6. The warehouse administrator shall use the regulations and requirements of the safe network, do the adsorbent of the surface of the mesh, always keep the surface clean.
7. the safety net When our network body is brought to the disclosure of chemical raw materials or foreign matter particles, it is likely to cause the mesh to be grinded, so clean it in time, put it in the ground naturally to dry after washing.

In the patient's patient's patient's patient's patient, we should have a lot of maintenance and maintenance. During the use of readers or customers, we must strictly follow its maintenance and maintenance manual, extend its use period, which saves the cost of our business costs.

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