construction safety net Nov 02, 2021
1. The mesh density is high, ordinary vertical building protection net are not less than 800 meshes and 100 square centimeters, while the mesh density of this product is as high as 2000 meshes/100 square centimeters. Therefore, it can prevent gravel, bricks and other objects with a bottom area of less than 100 square centimeters from falling, and its safety performance is far greater than other similar products.
2. A special knitting method with a straight-chain multi-door structure is adopted, that is, a mesh composed of a group of straight-chain coils and another group of reciprocating coils that penetrate three straight-chain coils. The net knot is firm and does not slip, the mesh is not easy to deform, and the size of the net body is stable; it is firm and durable, very light and light, and the price is lower than ordinary safety nets.

3. High strength, light mesh body, heat insulation and ventilation, light transmission and fire prevention, dust and noise reduction, good air permeability, and does not affect the lighting, can realize closed operation and beautify the construction site.

construction safety net sun shade net sun shade mesh is also call shade net

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