what is the shade rating Oct 27, 2021
What is density percentage of the sun shade net ?
The shade cloth is knitted or woven. We recommend using knitted shade cloth in the garden, because the differences will allow varying degrees of sunlight penetration and heat. In addition to the level of UV protection your plants require, you should also consider the sun protection percentage that suits the plants you want to grow in your garden.

30% to 60%: Very suitable for vegetables, fruit trees and nurseries. Please note that shade cloth can also provide protection for your vegetables and fruit trees, preventing birds from liking fruits and vegetables like we do.
70%: Usually in a greenhouse.
90%: The idea as a ground cover that prevents the growth of weeds.

If your plants are not adequately covered, the shade cloth will dissipate a lot of head load. As it reduces the energy and water costs required to protect the garden in summer, shade cloth in the garden should be considered an investment.

sun shade net for garden

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