construction safety debris netting Nov 18
Construction safety nets are commonly known as construction safety protection nets. Safety nets are generally used in construction projects, and their function is mainly for the purpose of safety protection on construction sites. It can effectively prevent various objects on the construction site from falling freely, thereby producing a buffering effect. Therefore, it is also known as the "dense mesh construction safety net". That is, we generally see colored vertical nets that surround the entire building during construction. Most of them are green, and some are blue or very few other colors.
  The quality of the construction safety net is directly proportional to the density. The higher the density and the lower the transparency of the net, the better the quality and the higher the safety.
  Construction safety net material: polyethylene.
  Mesh density: ≥2600 mesh; impact resistance: 100Kg sandbags 1.5m height impact the mesh body, impact fracture straight line length ≤200mm or curve length ≤150mm.
  Model specifications of building safety net: 1.8m×6m, 1.5m×6m; or 3M*50M 4M*50M and so on 
  Construction safety net features: high strength, light net body, heat insulation and ventilation, light transmission and fire prevention, dust prevention and noise reduction.

  Construction safety net use: used in various construction sites, especially high-rise buildings, and can be fully enclosed for construction. It can effectively prevent people and objects from falling damage, prevent fires caused by electric welding sparks, reduce noise and dust pollution, and achieve the effects of civilized construction, protection of the environment, and beautification of the city. (Special specifications can be customized)

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