sun shade sail Nov 17

The advantage of the sun shade sail 180gsm sun shade sail and where is will be use it ?

1. Effectively block sunlight, reduce indoor temperature, reduce the frequency of air conditioning, and achieve economic benefits.

2. When using the awning, you can open the window to keep the air circulating in the room while avoiding direct sunlight to damage the indoor furniture.

Third, it can open up outdoor space, relax and exercise on the balcony or platform, and will not be harmed by ultraviolet rays and harmful substances in the sun.

4. Add personalized embellishment to the building and decorate the home to make it more fashionable and artistic.


Luxurious and beautiful, light and durable, column side standing, top double layer structure


Beaches, parks, squares, hotels, exhibitions, commercial streets, tourist areas, etc.

Scope of application

1. Designed specifically for gardens and terraces to enhance the overall effect of the house.

2. It meets different individual needs and has a close structure.

3. Convenient installation, tailor-made size and fabric pattern.

4. The special rain trough guides the rain to protect the cloth and clean at all times.

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