Different kinds of Greenhouse film

product description:
Material: Brand new HDPE woven, LDPE double-sided lamination, added with anti-aging agent, durable.
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    greenhouse films
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    30%TT deposit and 70% see bl
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product description:

1.Material: Brand new HDPE woven, LDPE double-sided lamination, added with anti-aging agent, durable.

2. Production process: New HDPE wire drawing, warp and weft weaving, double-sided LDPE lamination. 

Transparent, the light transmittance of 75g (10 wires) exceeds 90%, 120g (15 wires) exceeds 85%, and 160g (20 wires) exceeds 80%. Its super tensile strength and tear resistance make it resistant to storms, blizzards, and hail, unmatched by other greenhouse films. Add anti-aging agent to make its service life much longer than that of ordinary greenhouse film. Guaranteed new material, anti-UV.

3. Product size: conventional 2-12 meters wide, 50/100 meters long. Because 100 meters is too long, it is slightly more difficult to put on the shelves during the construction process. It is recommended to use 50 meters in length.

4. Regular weight: 120g/m2, 150g/m2, 160g/m2 and other weights can be customized.
Product Usage:
1. Chicken, duck and pig sheds and roller shutters (thermal insulation, windproof, waterproof, high tensile strength)
2. Flower shed (thermal insulation, windproof, waterproof, high tensile strength)
3. Greenhouses for vegetables, fruits and vegetables (insulation, windproof, waterproof, high tensile strength)
4. Aquaculture insulation shed (thermal insulation, high tensile strength)

80% light transmittance, high anti-aging performance, high tensile strength, strong wind, rain and hail resistance, good toughness, durable, two-year warranty period and three-year anti-aging warranty period.

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